Do you care about the Planet and are looking for a more earth friendly approach to heating your home?

At Watermark Plumbing Supplies we are here to help, we are at the forefront of the growth in the renewable energy products and have a dedicated renewables showroom in our Malton Branch. Watermark work with the most innovative manufacturers to provide you with the newest renewable solutions for your home.


As an independent Merchant, Watermark is able to source product from many suppliers, contact Dave our Renewables Manager on 07785 617034 or email for a varied and flexible quote, driven by your budget, your brand preference and our advice and knowledge. Watermark can supply low and high-temperature heat pumps, using the outside air to efficiently cool and heat your home.

Renewables solutions are currently at the forefront of design and technology. Technological advances mean you will never have to sacrifice comfort for energy efficiency.

Microgeneration Support Services

Watermark Plumbing Supplies proudly work with Microgeneration Support Services. Microgeneration Support Services survey, design, and perform heat loss calculations. They will process paperwork to certify and register any Air Source Heat Pumps that may need to be installed.

Solar Power

Solar power can often be a highly cost-efficient way of providing energy to your home. If you are looking to install a solar power solution in your home, contact Watermark Plumbing Supplies for a free consultation. An expert advisor will work with you to create an energy-efficient power solution designed for your home.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can help distribute heat more evenly through the home than traditional radiators. Underfloor heating can also give your home the feeling of luxurious comfort while also running your energy more efficiently.

If you want to find out more about how renewable energy can benefit your home or workplace, organise a free consultation. One of the Watermark Plumbing Supplies' expert team will happily discuss potential energy-efficient solutions for installation.

For further information about the renewable services that Watermark Plumbing Supplies provide, please contact Dave Jackson directly on 07785 617034 or email

Smiling Employee with Display Air Source Heat Pump Equipment