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Watermark Plumbing Supplies provides a top-class service to the public and tradespeople within Yorkshire.

We are an independent merchant with the luxury of being able to source some of the best products and popular brands for you at the most competitive prices we can.

In our industry people are key, we appreciate you can buy items from the internet, maybe even at a cheaper price, but when buying from us, you get the benefit of our people and that makes the difference.

At Watermark we work tirelessly to provide you with consistent service and developing our working relationships with you so they grow and flourish.

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Our history

Grab a cuppa, take a seat and settle in to read all about Watermark's History

Having been great friends for many years and with decades of combined experience in both the independent and corporate sector of the plumber’s and builder’s merchant industry, Mick Dodson, Glenn Moxon & John Helliwell opened Watermark in March 2005, in the North Yorkshire market town of Malton.

The vision for the business went beyond the provision of quality products, great service and competitive pricing. Mick, Glenn and John wanted Watermark to be a “hub” for the plumbing industry and a business built on strong family values.

Following the success of Malton, two further branches were opened in quick succession, York in April 2008 and Huddersfield in September 2009.

Karen Thornton joined the team in 2009 sharing the same vision and values as the owners, Karen was soon appointed Managing Director.

Over the course of the next few years showrooms were added at each branch in order to attract retail customers and provide a full bathroom design service further enhancing the Watermark brand.

As with any business there have been challenges along the way and one of the greatest, was the sad loss of Glenn Moxon, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2012 and since then, the team have carried on his legacy.

The success of Watermark is testament to the original vision and values of Mick, Glenn and John. Whose family-orientated values still hold true and are demonstrated day to day by our team.

Karen Thornton retired in late 2021, after developing and driving the business forward.

Since 2022 Watermark has in place a management team with Del Martyn (Operations Manager), Kate Hustler-Wraight (Finance Manager) and Liz Steel (Systems and Compliance Manager), bringing fresh, collaborative and innovative ideas to the mix, always keeping Watermark's people, staff and customers alike, at the heart of their decision making.

John and Mick are still here, passionate about their company, all it has achieved, influencing and guiding decisions whilst also taking time to enjoy their individual hobbies and cherishing time with their families, children and grandchildren.

As our 20th Anniversary is fast approaching, Watermark look forward to the next 20 years!